‘Oh The Things You Will See…’

There is something simmering, sour and of poor age brewing in a pocket of hazardous chemicals, seeping from the depths of our nations once proud melting pot, sure to bring calamity along for the ride harboring its callous stench.

All of the ingredients from a far seem to be in fair shape but this writer would bet his ill fated Social Security that upon further inspection such items would prove to be rotten and corrupted, others premature, and the rest would prove to be pork grinds posing as filet minion. And, to add to this curious concoction, imagine if you will shadows behind curtains running anamatronic puppets. Ladies and Gents, the new and improved 2008 presidential candidate!

Someone of fair importance but not enough so to share credit with once told me that in order to grasp and grapple the gap of tomorrows possibilities one must admire their current surroundings.

Moral is at an all time low. Home foreclosures at an all time high. Unemployment on the rise. Unions crumbling. AIDS. Ports that once supplied the world with steel have been bartered out to the highest bidder to ensure the importation of Chinese products and the near demise of so called American Workmanship; ushering in the age of American Consumption. Oh I could go on for years.

My father has told me, on several occasions that participating in the electoral process is civic duty, and furthermore a privilege. I do not know anyone my age that feels that way. Then again I don’t know anyone my age that even reads, so I’d take that last statement with a grain of bitter sea salt.  I do not know of any candidate that is worthy of my ballot currently electioneering this year, and to be frank I’ve known plumbers with more charisma than Hillary or Obama.

  Oh the options! I spoke before of the rancid and the premature, respectively Hillary and Obama. I have not for a moment, not as a New Yorker, not as a voter, not even as an optimistic dreamer ever thought Hillary Clinton fit for presidential status. I for one personally believe that after eight years of second generation Bush we’d learned our lesson and try out some fresh blood. Perhaps a veteran statesman, groomed in international affairs and well versed in military channels like that of Colin Powell. Perhaps his opting out on the candidacy should tell us something about our current conditions.

Oh the premature politician that is Incumbent Junior Senator Obama. How can a man that seemingly sprouted from nowhere suddenly find himself at the forefront of the Democratic nomination? Sharp tongued and quick to quip, he stands in rather neutral territory. He is neither here nor there on most issues and though he has made the center of his campaign to end the on going war and occupation of the Middle East he has even proved to not stand firm on the strongest of his issues.

Some people claim that Obama is the Robert Kennedy of the 21st century, braving the Democratic crest with his bare knuckles. I see no remnants of the Kennedy charisma even when I squint, although I might add I’m certain I could sniff out Ted Kennedy in a brewery with the lights off. So what does it really matter who endorses who in the coming year? Suddenly Oprah’s loyal army of stay at home moms has become a voting power over night. Politicians dropping like flies on the campaign trail when the coming election is just short of a year away.

So where do we truly stand come this November? There isn’t a single worthwhile candidate in the whole lot, in the opinion this reporter. Perhaps it’s been this way for years, several bleak candidates, sporting bleak slogans and bleak supporters all promising the same bleak optimism. There is no silver lining here, this country is dying. And these so call candidates are the executioners. Neither versed enough to stand their own in the next world war emerging from the fog nor strong enough to stand their own in the face of adversity and deep routed difference.



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