Bloggisizing on the Weekend? Blasphamy!

Why is it that no one blogs on the weekends? Understandably everyone should reserve the right to take a break from their work, even their hobbies on the weekends but for the love of god i need updates & new music on a daily basis. I consume far too much music to be content with minimal updates each saturday & sunday! So i say fuck it, if you don’t post during the weekends, i won’t visit your blog during the week you lazy bastards! (i’m just kidding bloggers you know i love you)

You’re to tell me that no new music pops up during the weekend? No musicians make asses of themselves on the weekend?



One Response to “Bloggisizing on the Weekend? Blasphamy!”

  1. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    well I would want to…

    uhhh I mean I wanted to say…

    errr ahhh fuck!



    Amen to that notion homie…I try to post a blog or two on the weekends, but it seems like most bloggers do not.

    I’m really diggin the random fuckery you got goin on around here.

    good shit mayne, you DEED IT!

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