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Curtis Is A Politician Now? Well He’s An Idiot, He’ll Fit Right In!

April 1, 2008

According to CNN’s blog, it matters who Curtis supports in the upcoming election. Obama could win this just because of Will.i.Am & Common (the turncoat sellouts they’ve turned out to be).

*For the record, almost half of the people in this picture taken only two years ago no longer have anything to do with G Unit. Mase, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, even Olivia have all dissolved ties and contracts with 50.


People Who Steal My Shit To Sell On Ebay Suck.

April 1, 2008

Oh yeah, I said it. In the last three weeks two cameras (One Minolta X-700 & a Kodak accordion circa 1960’s), three lenses (Two for my Minolta & one for my Nikon), one box of photo paper Ilford 8×10) as well as over sixty rolls of film have managed to disappear from my room that almost no one has access to. This, according to B & H tallies up to an astounding Eight hundred Eight Dollars and Eighty Six Cents, which goes without saying is eight hundred eight dollars and eighty six cents more than I have in my non existent bank account.

Legally I have absolutely no evidence to say otherwise from a crackhead sneaking into my house, but dare I say I’m pretty damn certain as to who it was. It’s not as if I decided to pawn off all of my shit out of desperation, no sir, even at my lowest I would never pawn off my cameras because they are part of me. I’m just waiting for my computer to disappear and then I’m calling the cops like I was the neighborhoods local snitch!